Joel Meyers


Hi, I'm Joel.

If you've made it this far, you probably know that, but it's always good to put the cards on the table out front.

What do I do? What an excellent question.

I'm cautious to say that I "am" anything. When does one earn the right to make such claims? So I won't go there.

Instead, I'll leap from the passive to the active tense and tell you what I aspire to do.

I aspire to act. I aspire to write. I aspire to tell stories the way I would want to see them told: full of wonder and begging to be discovered anew again and again.

I aspire to teach. I aspire to impart "wisdom," whatever that may be. I aspire to show others the joy that I have found in learning continuously.

I aspire to be kind. I aspire to help others not only help themselves, but to pay that help forward.

Most importantly, I aspire to inspire the next kid who, like me, is always looking up to those who came before.

If you aspire to do any of these things, too, or if you think that I can help you achieve your own aspirations, scroll down:

I'd love to get in touch.

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